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Bath Time Fun!


If you have kids, you know baths can be absolute chaos. There are toys everywhere and the bathroom quickly becomes a mess. Why not keep it simple? In this blog we’ll cover some ideas for bath products that will help make bath time more fun for kids (and you!) While adult bath products are often used for relaxation, kids’ bath products are intended more for fun. The idea is to encourage kids to have some fun and be playful in the bath, rather than just get clean. A big part of the fun is kids choosing the products and accessories that help make their baths more enjoyable. And I can’t say I blame them. There’s something about water and bubbles and good smells that makes us all feel good. Bath time can be the perfect time to teach your kids about animals, colours, numbers and more. These unique bath products are playful and offer creative ways to keep kids entertained while they’re washing off that daytime grime.

Bath Spaghetti

Bath time can be so much fun for kids with Bath Spaghetti Soap. This unique and innovative product makes bath time more exciting. Just sprinkle a handful of Bath Spaghetti Soap into a warm bath and watch as the colorful spaghetti unravels and makes the water soapy and scented.

Bath Crayons

Encourage your littlest artists to hone their fine motor skills with these brightly coloured bath crayons. Available in five vibrant colours, our Bath Crayons are specifically designed for use on smooth wet surfaces like bathroom tiles and bathtubs. And cleanup is easy, too—just wipe with a damp cloth when the water starts to run cold.

Bubble Bath

Your little gamer will love these cute bubble bath pouches. The dino and game themed bubble bath makes your little gamer feel like they are in the game while they play in the tub. There are four adorable pouches to choose from.

Bath Fizzers

Bath fizzers are very easy to use and very safe for kids. Just pop one in the tub with water and let it dissolve. You can also add it to a bubble bath mixture if you want more bubbles in the tub.

I hope this guide helps you find the bath products that are best for your little ones.