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DIY Beaded Jewellery Kits – School Holiday Activity

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Looking for an easy and fun DIY project for the kids this school holidays? These beaded jewellery kits are perfect! I’ve tested them out on my 5 year old and she loved making her own colourful necklaces to match her outfits. You can’t go wrong with these easy and affordable projects to keep the little ones busy.

Beaded jewellery making is a great activity for kids. It’s a fantastic way for them to unleash their creativity and it makes for a truly unique gift that they can keep forever. There are many kits available on the market, but some of them can be quite expensive.

So if you’re looking for a fun and creative way to keep your kids entertained without spending a small fortune, these DIY beaded jewellery kits are just for you! The kit contains everything you need to make adorable bracelets and necklaces from colourful beads.

All in all, this activity is great and will be easy for kids to learn and pick up. I can definitely see this becoming a staple in their craft boxes during the holiday break.